Michelin Latitude Alpin LA2

Michelin Latitude Alpin LA2

Key Features

  • Exceptional braking on winter roads for your CUV and SUV
  • Enjoy a quiet, smooth and safe drive in cold-weather conditions winter after winter.
  • Exceptional mileage
  • The MICHELIN® Latitude® Alpin® LA2 tire delivers great traction and braking performance to enhance driving precision to keep you. moving in harsh winter weather. The full silica-based rubber Helio Compound™ 3G, allows the MICHELIN® Latitude® Alpin® LA2 tire to remain flexible in low temperatures for better winter performance.
  • The MICHELIN® Latitude® Alpin® LA2 winter tire uses 3-D Stabiligrip Technology™ with variable geometry sipes and rigid tread block reinforcement to add firmness for more precise and better handling. MICHELIN® Comfort Control Technology™ helps deliver one of the most comfortable rides in the industry by using computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing to offer greatly reduced vibrations and road noise.
  • Designed for premium SUV manufacturers, the MICHELIN® Latitude® Alpin® LA2 winter tire is engineered to deliver performance and driving precision to keep your CUV and SUV mobile through difficult winter conditions. MaxTouch Construction™ combined with the interlocking action of Michelin's siping technology delivers impressively long wear life with exceptional tread block rigidity, while optimizing the tire's contact with the road during acceleration, braking and cornering to provide the longevity you expect from Michelin.
  • *Mileage Warranty Exceptions: Split fitments – If your vehicle has tires of different sizes on the front versus the rear axles, your tires cannot be rotated as recommended. Therefore, the mileage warranty on each rear tire will cover half the number of miles as the standard mileage warranty for that particular tire line. ZP (Zero Pressure) tires – The maximum mileage warranty for ZP tires is 30,000 miles.
  • [1] Passenger sizes used in Light Truck/SUV applications have reduced load capacity. This will differ from the maximum load branded on the tire sidewall.

Vehicle Category: Light Truck/SUV

Performance Category: Winter

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Tire: Michelin Latitude Alpin LA2

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