Accessibility For All

We follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and use Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) specifications.

We’re committed to making our website usable by all people. Our web team regularly conducts accessibility audits on our site to ensure that our web presence conforms with the WCAG. Our development team participates in research and discussions around accessibility with experts, advocates and wider audiences.

If you need assistance using the processes found within this website or have any questions and concerns about the accessibility of this site, please contact

Accessibility Tips:

Zoom Your Screen

  • On Windows, press the Windows key and plus sign (+) at the same time to zoom in. You can also use the "Magnifier" application under "Accessories".
  • On Mac, go to "System Preferences", open "Universal Access" and select the "Seeing" tab. Check the box under "Zoom" to "On".
  • On your Apple device, tap "Settings", then "General", then "Accessibility". Tap the "Zoom" button and toggle it "On".

You can also use "Ctrl" ("Cmd" on Mac) and the plus (+) or minus (-) keys when you're in a web browser.

Change Font Colors

  • In Google Chrome, open the Tools menu with Alt and then Enter, select “Settings”, then choose your preferences with the “Appearance” and “Advanced” → “Accessibility” pages.
  • In Safari, select the “Preferences”, “Appearance” tab, and then hit the “Select…” button next to the font fields.
  • In Microsoft Edge, open the Tools menu with Alt+F, select “Settings”, then “Appearance”, and choose your preferences under the headings “Overall appearance”, “Zoom”, and “Fonts”.
  • In Mozilla Firefox, open the Tools menu with Alt+T, select “Settings”, and in the “General” page under “Language and Appearance” choose your preferred settings.
  • In Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu with Alt+X, select "Internet options", and in the "General" tab under “Appearance”, select any of the buttons for “Colors”, “Languages”, “Fonts” or “Accessibility”.

Accessibility Options for Mobile

Apple iPhone