Hankook iON evo AS

Hankook iON evo AS

Key Features

  • Improved All-season Handling
  • Enhanced Cornering Stability
  • Hold Tight, Stay Strong
  • Extended Range
  • Charge less, Cruise More
  • Noise Reduction Achieved via Specialized Tread Pattern
  • Noise Reduction Achieved via Specialized Tread Pattern
  • Minimized Cavity Noise
  • Drive in Peace, Quiet & Comfort
  • Extended Tread Life
  • Even Tread Wear
  • Go Further for More Experience
  • Double the Advantage
  • 3D GripKontrol Sipes. The 3D GripKontrol sipes are placed on the main treads to keep the tire in an optimize shape. This helps to provide outstanding grip performance on dry, wet roads and light snow.
  • EV Contour Technology. To manage the weight of electric vehicles, tire stiffness is essential. Hankook Tires’s EV Contour Technology increases lateral rigidity by 25%, and cornering rigidity by 20% compared to all- season touring tires for ICEs, to advance electric vehicle grip performance.
  • Exceptional Grip and Enhanced Rigidity. Considering electric vehicles are up to 30% heavier than conventional ICE vehicles, the iON evo AS was developed to feature a high rigidity profile and tread design that provides an exceptional grip that performs equally well in dry, wet and mild winter driving conditions.
  • Optimized Curing. Thanks to Hankook Tire's advanced compound and optimized curing technology, the rolling resistance is reduced to extend battery life.
  • Extended Range. Hankook understands the concerns of losing energy while driving Electric Vehicles. By reducing the rolling resistance, the battery charge lasts longer.
  • Optimized Multi-Pitch Sequencing. Tire noise can be drastically reduced by optimizing the pitch sequence. iON evo AS has optimized the number and size of pitches to ensure quiet comfort.
  • Knurling Technology. The iON evo AS's knurling technology applied inside the grooves effectively reduces tread pattern noise during road contact by narrowing the air path while maintaining the groove's intended performance features.
  • Noise Absorbing Material. By applying a noise absorbing material inside, cavity noise is decreased up to 9dB.
  • Noise Proof Technology. Electric motors are almost soundless which allows the driver to hear more noise from tires. With the Hankook Sound Absorber™, the iON evo AS offers a quiet and pleasant ride in all speed ranges.
  • Evolution Compound. Composed with high-concentration silica and eco-friendly materials, the EVolution compound provides satisfactory mileage.
  • Optimized Ground Pressure Distribution. Tires equipped on electric vehicles wear out approximately 20% faster with uneven wear than on ICE vehicles. Designed to spread the ground pressure evenly, the iON evo AS provides longer usage and less replacement.
  • Battery weight makes electric vehicles up to 30% heavier than ICE vehicles, which frequently causes uneven wear on non-EV specific tires. The iON evo AS is made of a compound specifically made for electric vehicles to evenly spread road pressure to account for this difference and extend tire life.
  • Thanks to Hankook Tire's EVolution technology, the iON evo AS has pushed the limits to bridge the gaps between grip performance and noise / tread wear.

Vehicle Category: Passenger

Performance Category: All Season

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Tire: Hankook iON evo AS

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