Commercial Retread Facility

If you have a fleet, or just one commercial vehicle, contact us on 709-368-2701 for details on a range of quality and reliable products and services, designed to lower your operating costs and down time. Such products and services include:

Retreading: Don’t endure the unnecessary expense of new tires when quality retreads with near identical warranties, performances, and service life are available for a fraction of the cost.

Tire section repairs: Often a commercial tire receives a severe injury far before the tire tread is worn out. In such a case, a section repair can be performed to ensure this investment is not entirely lost. Our expert technicians will evaluate the tire injury and get it back rolling on your fleet, saving you from investing into another new tire.

Flat proofing: Producing a sturdy, durable tire, flat proofing will prevent the unwanted hassle of a flat tire. Our expert technicians can confirm whether or not your industrial vehicle and its service requirement is suitable for flat proofing

Visit our site at 2650 TCH St. John's, NL, NA, or contact us and find out how our Commercial Retread Facility City Tire & Auto can help support your business needs.

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