Oil and Filter Change

Scheduling regular oil and filter changes is a necessary part of vehicle ownership and required as per manufacturer's warranty. With 11 store locations across Newfoundland and Labrador, City Tire & Auto can do your next oil and filter change. No need to wait for an appointment at the dealership, our oil changes are warranty approved.

There are many components on your vehicle that rely on greases and oils to operate, while oil filters capture contaminants and prevent component damage from foreign material in your vehicle’s engine oil. Ensuring that you adhere to a scheduled oil and filter change helps to ensure longevity and reliability.

When your engine is routinely maintained, it runs better and longer, preserving your vehicle’s value, and saving you money with increased fuel economy. You can find out when your vehicle is next due for an oil and filter change by looking at the recommended schedule in your owner’s manual.

If you’re located in Newfoundland or Labrador, contact us on your local store number to schedule your next oil and filter change.