Belts and Hoses

Damaged belts and hoses can have a serious impact on your vehicle. Contact us at the first sign of damage to schedule an appointment. Our qualified technicians will inspect the condition of your belts and hoses and advise you of the necessary repairs or replacements.

Due to the constant exposure to heat, vibrations and harmful chemicals, your vehicle’s belts and hoses are prone to developing cracks, leaks or may become frayed. In your owner’s manual you will find information about the recommended replacement cycle for each belt and hose in your vehicle. These include:

Outside of the recommended replacement intervals, you might notice some of the following signs that may indicate there’s an issue with the belts and hoses in your vehicle. These include:

If you do notice any of these issues, phone us on your local store number to schedule an appointment at your nearest store in Newfoundland or Labrador.