Air Conditioning (AC)

You want your vehicle's air conditioning (AC) system to be in good working condition year-round. It keeps you cool in warm weather, removes humidity from the cabin, and demists your windscreen when it becomes foggy on cold days.

If your AC system is no longer working like it once did, contact City Tire & Auto on your local store number to schedule an AC appointment. Our experienced and friendly team of technicians can perform all the necessary checks, repairs, and replacements as required. We can also recharge your AC system when needed.

If you can’t recall when your AC system was last serviced (most manufacturers recommend every 2 years), or it isn’t working as it once did, get in touch with us. With 11 locations across Newfoundland and Labrador, we’ll ensure your AC system is running cool, leak free, and efficient to ensure on-road comfort for you and your passengers.