What is TPMS?

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and the vast majority of vehicles manufactured today are equipped with this safety system.
Second only to your seatbelt, TPMS is the primary safety system on your vehicle. This system automatically monitors the pressure of your vehicle’s tires, the four contact points to the road.
Drive with confidence knowing that the ideal operating tire pressure is being maintained.

Why is this important?
Manufacturers suggest tire pressure to maximize passenger safety, optimizing your vehicle’s handling, and reducing the braking distance. It also improves fuel economy, reduces the chance of a tire failure, and losing the control of your vehicle while driving, while diminishing the chance of driving on a flat and ruining the tire.

Why the extra charge?
If TPMS so important why does it cost more? Many automotive service and tire providers are required to purchase expensive tools, which need constant updates of vehicle listings and mapping information to communicate with your vehicle and ensure accuracy.

Real life situation
Imagine, you’re driving and your vehicle informs you the passenger rear (right rear) tire is losing air pressure. You immediately pull over, change it with your spare, and continue driving confidently to your destination at 100 km/hr.
Unfortunately, your vehicle doesn’t automatically map the tires’ location and the tire – that is now flat – was always on the passenger front (right front).
It’s a scary situation and has happened many times since TPMS were installed in vehicles.

So it’s worth it!
The extra charges you may see on your invoice are necessary to cover the use of expensive equipment, increased liability, and/or the extra time necessary to work with vehicles and wheels equipped with TPMS.
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