After-market warranty

Should I get aftermarket warranty on my used car? Oh, the peace of mind when your vehicle is covered under warranty. Sure there is still the inconvenience of not having a car when it’s in the shop; but having to pay nothing out of pocket, what a relief! Well not exactly. Most (if not all) … Continued

Winter Tires

Do winter tires make a difference? The pictograph of a snowflake and peaked mountain certifies that your tires have been designed for severe Canadian snow conditions. When you see this image branded on the sidewall of your tire, you can drive confidently knowing the Rubber Association of Canada has certified them for adhering to snow-traction … Continued

What is TPMS?

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and the vast majority of vehicles manufactured today are equipped with this safety system. Second only to your seatbelt, TPMS is the primary safety system on your vehicle. This system automatically monitors the pressure of your vehicle’s tires, the four contact points to the road. Drive with confidence … Continued

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